Body Techniques

These manual techniques are part of a holistic approach to the human being, aimed at providing overall wellbeing. They are an excellent complement to medical, osteopathic and psychological follow-ups.

These protocols can help individuals at difficult times (separation, mourning . . .) and during big changes in their lives (moving, examinations, new occupational activities, etc.). They can be provided regularly throughout the year to maintain excellent equilibrium.

The following presentations describe the techniques I practice and the differences between them. If you don’t know which you need, please contact me and I will explain which is best suited to you at our first session.

I personalize these practices to each individual’s needs, with great respect.

Techniques offered

Key Benefits :

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • Relieve physical and mental tension
  • Produce better energy flow
  • Reboot and enhance physiological resistance
  • Increase the body’s flexibility
  • Provide better management of emotions and thoughts
  • Improve your quality of life within your environment

Designed for :

  • Children, by responding to their need to be reassured and more secure through touch and promoting their personal development.
  • Teens, by minimizing their insecurities, guiding them through their bodily changes and helping to soothe them during withdrawal or other crises.
  • Adults, by helping them achieve their desired body image, lose weight, gain wellbeing and train for sports.


“…I have received Shiatsu Therapy and Chinese Massage sessions from Brigitte since July 2009. I travel all the way across Paris for this treatment, because of the effectiveness of her work and the physical and psychological benefits it provides. Brigitte is extremely sensitive and always gives me treatment I need, depending on my physical and psychological condition.” Coach

“…Every month I have regularly received one-hour body wellbeing sessions (Shiatsu, Chinese Massage) from Brigitte, which have given me deep relaxation.” Naturopath.

“Brigitte has guided me for over 10 years with her techniques in my search for personal wellbeing and development. Her skills have complemented other therapeutic approaches, which as a whole, have resulted in a great improvement in my physical and mental health over the past few years.” Reflexologist

“I have regularly received body wellbeing sessions from Brigitte at least twice a month since 2001. They have kept me in good health and enabled me to deal with a challenging professional environment all these years.” Manager

“I have regularly received two body wellbeing sessions per month from Brigitte since 2003. The sessions released my muscle tension, have me a profound sense of relaxation and served as an excellent means of managing my accumulated stress.” Executive assistant.

“I am a doctor who has regularly received monthly body wellbeing sessions from Brigitte Griffon since 2006. Brigitte Griffon was recommended to me by Hamid Salmi, an ethnopsychiatrist. Her people skills and attentiveness, accompanied by a totally gentle and caring approach ensured that her massages provided me with wellbeing, a feeling of fullness and a sense of inner peace.” Physician

“We have always been very pleased with the treatments Brigitte provides, her outstanding skills, her attentiveness and her kindness. We are sorry we no longer live near Paris to benefit from her affective and compassionate therapies.” Two retired nurses