Contact (appointments and information)

Fees valid from January 1, 2020.
Payment: Cheque or cash.
Some mutual funds refund all or part of Shiatsu classes. Check yours.
Conditions: Personal wellbeing classes are at your house (Paris and suburbs).
Call for an appointment: 06-83-69-16-59.


Special thanks to Laurence for the photos, creative work and help.
Thanks as well to Anaïs, Anthony, Elora, Eric, Laurence, Magalie and Calinou the cat who were so generous with their time at photo shoots.
I am deeply grateful to my professors Léandre Cochetel, André Nahum and Jacques Longchamp who shared their priceless knowledge with me.
Thank you to Véronique who made this beautiful website.


You should speak to your doctor before receiving a body wellbeing session or attending a bodily stimulation workshop. Generally, body wellbeing sessions and body wellbeing techniques are not recommended for people with fevers, serious physiological or emotional problems, great pain, infectious disease, dermatosis or infectious skin diseases, heart problems, high-blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, respiratory issues, renal or kidney problems, a hernia, varicose veins, cancer, inflammatory syndromes or phlebitis.