Léandre Cochetel Massage

What is Léandre Cochetel Massage ?

This massage technique was developed by Léandre Cochetel, a physiotherapist and professor of traditional Chinese medicine trained in Chinese massage using bare hands. His manual treatment methods are a synthesis of Chinese and Western techniques.
These massages employ vegetable oil, maximizing the fluidity of these techniques on the legs, arms, back, torso and head.
The receiver wears his/her undergarments. The massage is performed on a floor mat or massage table (if s/he has one).

Benefits of Léandre Cochetel massage

  • Energy : Restores the body’s vital energy.
  • Physical : Enhances muscle tone (ability, strength, stamina and appearance).
  • Psychological : Produces deep serenity, with greater confidence in life and a better self-image.


The Léandre Cochetel massage is only performed on adults.



Individual adult session—Time : 1 hour—Fee : €75.
Individual teen session (10-17 years old). Individual child session (4-10 years old) – Time : 45 minutes/30 minutes—Fee : €55.