What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu (“shi” = “finger” and “atsu” = “pressure”) is a Japanese manual technique.
Shiatsu practitioners apply pressure with their thumbs, fingers and palms to the head (skull and face), torso (chest and abdomen), legs, arms and back.

The receiver is dressed in comfortable clothes and lies on a mat on the ground or massage table (if s/he has one).

Benefits of shiatsu

  • Energy : Regulates and restores harmonious energy (Chi) flow.
  • Physical : Reduces muscle and joint tension.
  • Psychological : Improves mental acuity (concentration, decision-making, memory) and promotes healthy sleep rhythms.

Specific Shiatsu Techniques

Anti-Stress Shiatsu, Rejuvenating Shiatsu, Back Relaxation Shiatsu, Face/Head Shiatsu to release spiritual tension, Head/Hand/Feet Relaxation Shiatsu, Tired Leg Shiatsu, Figure-Refinement Shiatsu, Facial Beauty Shiatsu.


Shiatsu is good for anyone age 4 or older. Children must be accompanied by a parent.

Shiatsu in Pictures



Individual adult session—Time :1 hour—Fee : €75.
Individual teen session (10-17 years old). Individual child session (4-10 years old) – Time : 45 minutes/30 minutes—Fee : €55.