Tui Na Chinese Massage

What is Tui Na Chinese Massage ?

Tui Na Chinese Massage (pushing/pulling) combines a variety of specific techniques (rubbing, firmness and toning, involving friction, tapping and percussion).
This massage uses vegetable oil, increasing the fluidity of techniques performed on the legs, arms, back, torso and head. The receiver is dressed in their undergarments. The massage is performed on a floor mat or massage table (if s/he has one).

Benefits of Chinese Tui Na Massage

  • Energy : Stimulates energy flowing through the body.
  • Physical : Increases fluidity of movement.
  • Psychological : Promotes better self-control and decision-making, while enhancing the receiver’s sense of security.


Tui Na Chinese Massage serves a large group of people, age 18 and up. It is particularly valued by those engaging in professional physical and sustained athletic activities, as well as athletes preparing for or recovering from their endeavours.

Tui Na Chinese Massage in Pictures



Individual adult session—Time :1 hour—Fee : €75.
Individual teen session (10-17 years old). Individual child session (4-10 years old) – Time : 45 minutes/30 minutes—Fee : €55.