Training Programs, Professional Experience


Brigitte Griffon Techniques corporelles - France CanadaTraining Programs

Manual Body Wellbeing Techniques :

  • Shiatsu Teaching Certificate—Fédération Française de Shiatsu Traditionnel (FFST), Paris, 2007.
  • Shiatsu Practitioner Certificate—Fédération Française de Shiatsu Traditionnel (FFST), Paris, 1999.
  • Shiatsu Practitioner Certificate—Fédération Française de Shiatsu Professionnel (FFSP), Paris, 1997.
  • Léandre Cochetel Technique Certificate—Fusion of Chinese and Western Techniques, Paris, 1997.

Teaching :

  • Teaching Degree—Académie de Paris. Collège Sévigné Enseignement Supérieur, Paris, 1984.
  • French Undergraduate Teacher’s Degree, Université Paris 1—Panthéon-Sorbonne, 1984.

Other :

  • English Course, Cultural and Language Center, Paris. Since 2018
  • First-Aid Provider Certificate. French Red Cross, Paris, 2002.
  • Facilitator Certificate (BAFA) in Expression and Performance, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Evry (91), 1983.
  • Year One, Undergraduate Psychology Program. Université Paris 13—Villetaneuse (93), 1980-1981.


Professional Experience

Freinet Method and Active Learning teacher for different grade levels in France and the USA from 1984 to 1995. Taught children who were not French speakers, who had academic problems or who had physical challenges.

Since 1995, I worked in the wellbeing field as a:

  • Practitioner of Shiatsu, Chinese/Western Techniques, Korean Relaxation Massage, Western Relaxation Massage and seated Shiatsu on an ergonomic chair.
  • Facilitator of workshops on Body Stimulation, Parent-Child Bonding/Massage, Introduction to Meridian Theory, 5 Tao Elements for Understanding Yourself and Others and Discovery of Manual body Techniques of Shiatsu, Chinese Massage and Korean Relaxation Massage.
  • Professional Trainer working with training institutes in the cosmetology, social, medical, social and hygiene sectors in the following areas:
    • Shiatsu, Chinese Massage and Korean Relaxation Massage
    • Western Relaxation Massage, Wellbeing Massage for Seniors, Hand/Foot Massage, Head/Cranial Massage.

I perform these functions in:

  • Assisted Senior Living Facilities.
  • Physiotherapy and Functional Rehabilitation Centres.
  • Spas and balneotherapy centres.
  • Social centres.
  • Cultural and youth centres.
  • Businesses.
  • Coaching facilities.
  • Among individuals.

I work with psychotherapists, physiotherapists, physicians, osteopaths, yoga instructors, etc.
I organize and co-organize conferences on the body techniques I practices, as well as on the Tao and traditional Chinese medicine that I teach, and have been featured in newspaper/magazine articles and TV reports.