Western Relaxation Massage

What is Western Relaxation Massage ?

Western Relaxation Massage is based in ancient Greek and Roman practices and characterized by sliding pressure, with fluid, enveloping motions.
This form of massage is performed using vegetable oil, which contributes to the fluidity of techniques on the legs, arms, back, torso and head.
The receiver wears his/her undergarments. The massage is performed on a floor mat or massage table (if s/he has one).

Benefits of Western Relaxation Massage

  • Energy : Improves the body’s energy circulation.
  • Physical : Softens the skin, while relaxing the body.
  • Psychological : Stabilizes your mood and gives you a feeling of being in harmony with life.


Western relaxation massage is suited to many groups, ranging from children to seniors. Children must be accompanied by a parent.

Western Relaxation Massage in Pictures



Individual adult session—Time : 1 hour—Fee : €75.
Individual teen session (10-17 years old). Individual child session (4-10 years old) – Time : 45 minutes/30 minutes—Fee : €55.